Women’s Golf Tips For Beginners – Your Ultimate Guide

Women’s Golf Tips For Beginners – Your Ultimate Guide

Let me very first congratulate you for choosing to have upwards the game of golf! It is empowering to see females take an interest in a male dominated sport. It requires a great deal of courage, motivation and determination to confirm yourself on the golf program.

Picking upwards a golf club for the very first time in the life of yours may be difficult, though it is worth every penny in the end.

If you have never golfed just before, you may feel overwhelmed or perhaps perhaps you are excited and ready to deal with the challenges ahead. In either case, I am here to offer you a number of female’s golf tips for newbies on how to proceed, what you should count on and the way to prepare for the journey of yours into the golf community.


Golf Clubs

The very first step is actually buying a simple group of golf clubs. You do not have to invest in anything fancy as a novice. Go to a sporting shop, for example Dick’s Sporting Goods or perhaps Golfer’s Warehouse.

You are able to test out several of their female’s golf clubs and they are going to help you choose the appropriate shaft for the swing. Select the flex type which can feel perfect once you swing the club, then simply take advantage of that flex choice for all the clubs of yours.

The best way to optimize the functionality of the golf clubs of yours is by using the potential of the flex in the shafts of yours. I started out golf making use of the best adaptable shaft out there since I did not strike the golf ball as much as I do right now.

That is probably the best option for females that are only starting to play golf. Nevertheless, in case you discover you’ve a quick swing speed, you are going to want to choose a stiffer flex shaft.

Golf Balls

Wish to know a bit of secret? The most effective golf balls for beginners are actually the cheapest.

Remember this, when you are first learning how to play golf, you are certain to shed many balls. You will find woods, lakes, and ponds, among other threats on the golf program. You are going to feel pretty printed in the dumps if you open the first package of yours of costly golf balls and realize that all of them were lost through the 18th hole.

My tip is using golf balls that meet the level of yours of experience. Perhaps work with your pals old golf balls, and better yet, take several of the range balls while doing at the driving span.


Once you have acquired the own set of yours of golf clubs, it is some time to make use of them! Begin by mastering the fundamental aspects of this golf swing. This’s probably the hardest part, though I realize you are able to do it.

It will take time, so do not count on to acquire it down pat within a couple of days or perhaps a several months. It has taken me many years of practice and lessons to feel positive regarding my golf swing. There is usually room for development, so do not feel as you are not making some progress in case it will take you a bit longer to buy the gist of issues.

You will find 4 methods you are able to find out the right way to play: you are able to help yourself, you are able to get help from a buddy, join a league or maybe you are able to pay for private courses. I suggest finding a neighborhood league in the area of yours or look for women’s beginner golf lessons near you.


This’s merely a fast idea about planning to play. Do not simply move onto the very first tee and then begin playing. Before you decide to put up for the first shot of yours on the program, it is essential to extend. You are able to additionally take light swings with the clubs of yours and hit a number of balls in the practice region.


Play on a very short par 3 program for the first time of yours. It is a bit less daunting, since probably the longest hole is most likely only 150 yards.

When you start the round, determine who’s going to reach the ball first. When you will get to the fairway, anyone who is actually probably the farthest away hits first.

More than likely, there are likely to be golfers following the group of yours, therefore it is essential to play at a rapid speed. Walk to the ball of yours, evaluate the shot of yours, choose the club of yours, take a few minutes to visualize the shot of yours, have a method swing and then perform your shot.

In the event you do not wish to become pressured by the number behind you, offer for these people to enjoy the gap first. The way, they’re in front of you and also you are going to have much more time to concentrate on the game of yours.


Be sure to get a score card along with a pencil in the clubhouse prior to beginning the round of yours. Determine which tee box you’re likely to play from, whether it is from the red, blue or white. Take note of this distance coming from that particular tee box to enable you to figure out which club to work with.

You count a single stroke for each time you reach the ball. Should you land the ball of yours inside a hazard, you are able to drop an additional heel near the hazard and have a camera stroke penalty. In stroke play, probably the fewest strokes within the round wins the match up. Anyone who ends up with probably the lowest score wins the round.