Interesting Facts About Women’s Golf Associations

Interesting Facts About Women’s Golf Associations

Although it is not one of those many rough sports that numerous people enjoying playing or watching, golf is without question an exciting game. Golfers still find it an overwhelming yet relaxing at the same time.

It isn’t secret that golf can be a sport dominated by men. However, women’s golf does exist, and some women players are only as competitive and skilled as men. Women’s golf is simply as exciting to try out as men’s golf. Unknown to the majority people, there are plenty of women golfers available who are highly competent and can even give men golfers a run for money.

Here are a couple of interesting facts on women’s golf that you desire to understand.

Women’s golf has grown to be so ever more popular make fish an organization dedicated entirely for it continues to be established, and also this could be the Ladies Professional Golf Association, also known since the LPGA. Established around 1950, it could be the oldest women’s sports organization in the world. The LPGA tour seasons not only hold sports events which might be exciting, but charitable at the same time. Active members of the LPGA add the top women players of golf from all of around the globe.

Founded in 1991, the EWGA is another organization that recruits the membership of females international players. This Florida-based non-profit organization is surely an active advocate for women’s golf, having its current membership reaching to almost twenty thousand golfers from your United States alone.

Held annually during fall season, the EWGA Championship just about the most famous golf tournaments in the US that sponsors women’s amateur events. It is also the only event with flights which can be made for players at various skill levels.

Women’s Golf Apparel

Whether golfing to keep things interesting or as being a profession, female players need to wear comfortable women’s golf apparel to feel comfortable on the course. If you are wondering where you’ll get golfing apparel or equipment, then take a look at Only Golf Apparel. They sell everything from tops, pants, and shoes to bags along with other accessories you will be needing to play an exilerating game of golf.