How To Putt Better And Lower Your Scores

Its not that we can not putt, its that we don’t practice! Have you ever seen someone who can do anything extremely good, without practicing? NO of course not, but yet we amateurs refuse to practice putting, and if we do we may not do it efficiently.

What do I mean by efficiently? Well let me explain:

The Golden eight is what most pros call it. It means within 8 feet of the hole, this is where the pros love to putt from. Do you know why? It is because within 8 feet is when they have the greatest chance of making it, and if they have the greatest chance of making it here, SO DO YOU!. Below is a tip that will make you money from within 6 feet.

This drill has helped me so much to gain confidence, and smooth my stroke so much; it is the star drill. It is where you putt 12 tees near the hole. 3 on the front of the hole, 3 on the right, 3 on the left, and 3 on the back.

The 1st tee is 4 ft from the hole, and the 2nd is 5 ft, and the 3rd is 6.

You can start from any side of the hole, start at the 4 ft tee then after you make that, go to the 5ft tee then make that, then go to the 6ft tee, and make that, then you move on to the next side of the hole. Remember if you miss anyone of the putts you start over from the 1st tee on the 1st side.

It will be frustrating at first, and if you cant finish it first, don’t sweat it. If you keep practicing you will and you will be making almost everything inside 6 ft.