Golf Cart – Past Present and Future

Golf, a poplar sport played by many people worldwide. Golf over time has taken off which is now a favorite sport for those. Although golf is incredibly much about the game, it’s also about how precisely you present yourself on the greens, whatever you wear, how you act and what you say. Golfers for example John Daly and Ian Poulter have really brought fashion towards the greens and highlighted what is means to look really good (and different) around the course.

The golf buggy was initially introduced within the 1950s to relieve the burden of carrying heaving sets around miles from the golf first golf buggies were battery powered, with petrol powered ones introduced inside 1970s. Golf vehicles may differ in space from 2 seaters as much as 6 seater. Generally speaking, they travel under 15 miles-per-hour. Like golf apparel, golf vehicles are actually a vital item to the serious golfer. Golf carts have morphed in to a fashion statement, and a reflection of the status and wealth. Long gone are the days in the humble two seater battery powered golf caddy, accustomed to transport your clubs and balls. Let the battle of the golf cart begin…

You will pay anything up A10,000 to get a golfcart, even though the average spend is better A2,000. As with most things, there exists, needless to say, the intense; A $62,000 (A39,365) golf buggy – the Garia LSV. Not for that everyday player, the Garia LSV comes with seatbelts, side mirrors, hydraulic brakes and an electric motor that is capable speeds approximately 25 mph. This luxury golf buggy has each of the safety measures required to ensure it is classified as being a roadworthy low-speed vehicle. The LSV can be built with such amenities as hand-stitched seats, digital instrumentation layout, a stereo along with a dashboard refrigerator, dependent on personal taste. (). The LSV is not a thing that most of us will be able to afford, nonetheless it is the Tiger Woods of golf carts.

As well as extremities in price, the appearance of a golf vehicle might be altered or ‘souped up’ to reflect owners personality just like any other vehicle. The customer can specify individual colours and finishes and add-ons. There’s also the potential for adding some low-profile wheels and tyres. The only limitation is your budget.

It is apparent to find out that, golf clothes are no longer the sole outlet for showing your personality and flare around the golf course. (Although I don’t think anyone is ever going to forget those Union Jack trousers worn by Ian Poulter with the 2004 British Open). Golf carts have become much more of a fashion statement and less of an golfing aid.

Whether or otherwise not this for your taste, there exists a golfcart readily available for everyone, with every budget. Remember though, no matter the colour, size or wheel span of your golf buggy – is not going to cause you to an improved player.