5 Killer Golf Chipping Tips That Will Definitely Lower Your Golf Score

Chipping is probably the most overlooked elements of golfing. Golfers usually neglect this part and find yourself losing strokes due to poor chip shots. The following golf chipping tips might help improve your chipping technique and grow a better golfer.

Minor tweaking within your chip shot can result in a standard enhancement within your game. You have to recognize that the ball has to roll rather than elevate. Here are some killer golf chipping tips for you.

Choice of Club

You should work with an 8 iron or 9 iron golf-club for the chip. This is because chipping requires your hands to be placed closer to the shaft of the club and utilizing an 8 iron or 9 iron is likely to make it easier for you to achieve that. There isn’t any harm in experimenting. A different club could be ideal for you.

Hit Down about the Ball

The ideal technique inside golf chip is to hit on the ball using the club descending, rather than scooping the ball. This will steer clear of the ball from elevating and will supply you with a perfect chip shot.

Grip Firmly

Your hands must contain the club firmly. You have to make sure that you keep a company grip for the club with the shot. Some golfers even use a putting grip for his or her chip shot. A loose wrist grip will most likely bring about you hitting a chunk instead of a chip. However, you really sure if you hit, the full body and shoulders move the club as opposed to only your wrists supplying the chance to the shot.

Left is Right!

Your body weight needs to be inclined more on the left. This means that the majority of your weight ought to be on your own left foot when you are standing (should you be right handed). The opposite holds true for golfers which can be lefty. This is probably the important golf chipping tip because the stance is vital for hitting a chip shot.


The follow-through from a shot is essential. The club head should move around in a straight line from swinging to doing so. The club head is inflexible, therefore it is crucial that it remains steady through the entire shot.

These golf chipping tips can help to increase your golf short game. Remember, to get a lower score, you’ll want to play extremely well if you are chipping round the green. The big swing can often land you into trouble. Use golf chipping tricks to bail yourself out.